Book Review: Plague (Gone #4) by Michael Grant

So if you haven’t read any books in the Gone Series yet then just turn back now because this a review of the 4th book so just turn back now.

You’ve already missed: Gone, Hunger and Lies 

Spoilers Ahead!

So I don’t know what’s happening. I LOVED Gone, the first book in the series. Then Hunger was good, not as great but still good. Lies was ok and now Plague is eh. I don’t know what’s happening but I’m finding I like the story less and less with each book as it goes on.

So here we are in Plague. Drake is still locked in the basement, the kids are running out of water, Little Pete is sick, a bunch of other kids are coughing up Lungs and there are these weird bugs growing inside kids because they get bit by a snake. And that’s all fine. It’s the story line with the darkness that has me pulling away from the story. Continue reading

Book Review: Gone by Michael Grant


This book is like a dystopian novel with a twist. It is in the sense that its a new world where they have to put together a new way of running things and many of the old ways of doing things (TV, Internet) are gone. But it’s not the future. It’s just 1 little town in California that it’s happening too and all the adults have disappeared. Plus now kids are starting to develop weird abilities and with no one over the age of 15 around they’re not really sure what to do.

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