When Fan Art is Life Changing Part 2

Sometimes I just need to fangirl, badly. You can see it in the predecessor of this post (When fan art is life changing part 1) or in my many posts sobbing about Fanfic so amazing I literally can’t not share it.

So this is another one of those moments.

Needless to say I am UNWELL.


Recently a there have been a few pieces of fan art that just make me a puddle (spoilers for ACOTAR ahead *duh duh duh*). Now please excuse the rest of this post where I display the true level of Fangirl Trash that I am.


And yes…I have this sticker on my laptop. No shame.

The first are all by Coralie Jubénot who you can find on tumblr at http://cocotingo.tumblr.com/tagged/my+art or on twitter as @Merwild. She has done some absolutely STUNNING ACOTAR and TOG art. There are so many amazing ones I could share, so it was difficult to narrow it down to a few favorites. Her depiction of Feyre and her sisters are my favorites and her drawing of Rhys are beautiful.

This first one is her drawing of all 3 Archeron sisters and I think it’s stunning and that she captured the 3 of them so well.

2 other favorites are these photos of Feyre in night court attire and of course Starfall. Just looking at them so happy and holding each other makes me want to cry and collapse to the floor. BTW I did not include the PG-13/R/M drawings of some certain scenes from ACOMAF. One involving a certain high lords hands in a chilly inn and the other involving lots and lots of paint (following delicious meal of soup, if you know what I mean…)

Now the exciting thing is that she has just stared reading the Throne of Glass series (she’s only on Crown of Midnight so I’m sure we’ll have some special characters from Heir of fire soon). But for now her drawing of Celaena is my favorite and her depiction of Chaol is amazing. She’s also done head shot of Nehemia and Dorian, both amazing. (Left to Right: Celaena, Dorian, Chaol, Nehemia)

BUT it does not end there. She also has a gorgeous piece of Chaol fetching Celaena from Endovier and it is stunning. He looks like a captain of the guard and she looks like she was just pulled from a mine.



Now I know I may be spiraling, but unfortunately I’m not done there. Oh no. I’m fully aboard the crazy train.

As you may know, I recently finished Crooked Kingdom and so naturally I had to pin all the new Six of Crows art to my pinterest board and came across this beauty from Fictograph.


I’m not exactly sure why, but this is my favorite Kaz Inej art I’ve come across. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re out feeding the crows, but I think it’s beautiful.

Again. I am unwell.


-Thanks for Reading (slash listening to the progressive ramblings of a fangirl)


Describe Yourself in 3 Fictional Characters

So this describe yourself in 3 characters has been making its way around Twitter and Instagram and I’ve definitely thought about who I would be but it actually took me a little while to come up with 3 solid answers. But I finally feel content with my answers so here are the 3 characters that I feel describe me:

1. Nesta Archeron | A Court of Thorns and Roses Series by Sarah J Maas

So if you’ve read almost any other post by me, you’ve probably heard me rant about Nesta and how much I love her. Everything about her fiery spirit and sometimes aggressive, sarcastic, possibly hurtful comments reminds me of me. But her fierce protectiveness of those she cares about is definitely something I can relate to, plus we have the same taste in men, since I love me the sarcastic asshole who is actually super loyal and will protect the people he cares about *cough cough Cassian*. Me and my 2 best friends plan on dressing as Nesta, Elain and Feyre at some point and we call our little book club the Archeron Sisters Book Club so you can see this one runs deep for me.

“You need me far more than I need you. So I’d suggest you merely agree, tuck in those bat wings, and ask nicely” -Nesta Archeron, A Court of Mist and Fury exclusive chapter, Wings and Embers



2. John Murphy | The 100

So if you saw above my mention of loving the “sarcastic asshole who is actually super loyal and will protect the people he cares about” I was also talking about John Murphy. In season 1 he becomes the villain, although he never actually did anything wrong but he is quickly redeemed in season 2 and 3. I love him so much. His comments are fire and even though he can be an ass sometimes he always means well and is actually the hero more times than not and I just want my precious murphy to find happiness. But like Murphy I may say things that could be seen as aggressive and I can be a downright asshole at times but I mean well if I care about you.

“Tough me again and I’ll end you. In a non criminal way” – John Murphy, The 100


3. Cruella De Vil | One Hundred and One Dalmatians 

So, this is the one that took me a while to come up with, but in the end was so obvious. Now I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t that the crazy lady who wants to make coats out of adorable puppies? Well yes, but that is not why I like her I promise (I do want to be a veterinarian so I love dogs). The reason I love Curella De Vil is because she taught me how to be a fabulous sass master and I swear as a child I learned all my comments from Disney Villains. I would call people idiots, imbeciles, fools way too often as a kid and I can say I have been Cruella twice for Halloween. Once as a kid, where I made my dog a dalmatian coat and made her walk around with me, and again just last year where I even committed to dying my hair half black and white.

” You’ll be sorry! You fools! You – you idiots!” -Cruella De Vil, One Hundred and One Dalmatians


I feel these are the 3 characters who best describe me but I had some close runner ups who deserve a shout out including:

Cath Avery – Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Eliza Thornberry – The Wild Thornberrys

Sokka – Avatar the Last Airbender


What characters do you most identify with? Any of these ones?


Thanks for Reading


Nessian Fic Part 4

Ok so if you follow my posts, I’ve been dying a slow death reading StarsWhoListen’s Nesta/Cassian Fics. The original idea for them were my own and there is only one person I would trust to write them for me (since I am talentless in the creative writing department) and now we have finished the beautiful story of Nessian’s Family.

The reason these fics are so amazing is a) they all have Mumford and Sons lyric titles (my fav band), b) Nessian is written so well and true to character and this last reason only applies to me but c) these fics are full of inside jokes for me of things I’ve said or would say because the reason my friend StarsWhoListen writes Nesta so well is because she writes her as me.

Now that being said there is one little inside joke I would like to address: CUCUMBER SANDWICHES ARE A THING. If you read part 3 of the Nessian Babies Series then you’ll notice this reference and I would just like to say it’s a real sandwich that my family eats and I enjoy for lunch frequently.


See? Normal.

*Ends rant here*

But please, if you love Nessian and need some seriously adorable Nessian moments in your life then go read Roll Your Stone Away, I Saw A Flicker Then Just Smoke and Awake My Soul. 














Thanks for reading (and putting up with all the feels I’m currently having)


BFF Book Tag

So I was tagged by Jess @ StarsWhoListen to do this tag and of course she is my actual real life BFF so I’m not surprised, so this is the BFF Book Tag:

Setting the Example: A pair/ group of book BFFs that you love | Ruby, Liam, Chubs & Zu

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 6.27.25 PM.pngHow could you not want to a part of their little family in the Darkest Minds? Not only are they the kind of friends you consider family, but they just have so many jokes and witty banter that keeps them all simile even though they’re in a horrible situation.


Childhood Bestie: Book character you would have liked to grow up with | Percy Jackson

27c36927e150c50f27f4f51c62d219ffHow could you not want to grow up with Percy? Sure his home life with his stepdad was not ideal, but imagine going on quests and saving the world with him and just getting to be at Camp Halfblood. Plus I appreciate the fact that he is the sassiest demigod out there and know we would get along great.


Frenemy: Which book character would bring out your competitive side | Manon Blackbeak 


Now don’t get me wrong I love Manon but you have to admit she is the perfect frenemy. And sometime you just need that friend who is going to taunt you until you finally take action and I feel like Manon would not be shy about brining out my competitive side.



Fashion Guru: Who would be the bestie whose closet you’d want to raid or go on a shopping spree with | Isabelle Lightwood

isabelle-lightwood-shadowhunters-the-mortal-instruments-cassandra-clare-favim-com-4171901How can you not love Isabelle Lightwood from the Mortal Instruments Series? Not only is she a strong kick ass female but she also always looks good. She does not care what anyone else thinks of her outfits and the girl’s got style so I’d love to have her help me with anything appearance related.



Bad Influence: Character you would commit a small act of rebellion with | Kaz Brekker

kaz_brekkerNot just Kaz but the whole Six of Crows crew would be ideal group to commit any crime with. I mean with how skilled they all are there’s a 99% we’d get away with it PLUS can you think of a more fun group of people to hang out with? Their dynamic is hilarious since none of them trust each other and all they do is bicker because they’re all secretly in love with each other.


Blood Brothers: Which character would you want to be your surrogate big brother/sister | Nesta Archeron


Obviously Nesta from ACOMAF. I am borderline obsessed with her and all I want is a Nesta Cassian spin off series. Now as sisters,  we would fight like dogs and cats because we’re too similar but I know she would tell someone off for me in a heart beat and be a fierce protector if I needed it (even knee an immortal fae warrior in the balls if I needed her too)



Mother Hen: Which character would you want to be by your side when you’re having a bad day | Levi


Sorry Jess but how can I not steal your answer. There is literally no character sweeter and more likely to cheer someone up than Levi from Fangirl. He is so unbelievably positive, plus he would bring me free coffee which would immediately make my day better.



The Counsellor: Which character would you go to for relationship advice or confide a secret to | Tessa Gray

the_infernal_devices__tessa_gray_by_caroline1233-d7u97k9.jpgI feel like Tessa from the Infernal Devices series would give great relationship advice. After all, she’s been around for a long time, plus had some tricky choices in her own relationships but it all ended up working out for her (thank you Cassandra Clare for happy endings). Plus she’s super smart so no matter what I think she’d be good at giving advice in general.



More than Friends: Who would be your book boyfriend/girlfriend | Cassian

195398adf9e3bc0e211f7a39ac973b25Ok so this question is hard, because in my mind I have A LOT of book boyfriends, BUT as ACOMAF is still first and foremost all I think about during the course of the day, my little baby bat Cassian would obviously be my BF since the “sarcastic asshole, who is super protective of his family” is my “type” (mostly the sarcastic asshole part *looking at you John Murphy*) Also there is a shockingly small amount of Cassian fan art so enjoy this beautiful man SJM pinned as “cassian”


Who do you tag | Anyone who wants to do this tag plus…

Megan @ bookslayerreads 

Rachel @ LifeOfAFemaleBibliophile

Becca @ RebeccaReads


Emily @ EmiesNook  (since I know you were tagged but you haven’t done it yet)


Let me know what you think. Who are you book best friends?

Thanks for Reading!



Nessian Fic Part 3

So I’m just going to keep doing this because I consider these StarsWhoListen fan fictions about Nessian to be partly mine as they are always dedicated to me and I help come up with some of the ideas for them because I need all the Nessian fics.

I may have mentioned to my favorite fan fic writer that I love nothing more than a good wounded lovers fic where someone gets hurt and their lover gets all flustered, emotional, and protective about them.

Well ask and you shall receive. So now on top of the most amazing Nessian Pregnant Fic (I Saw a Flicker then Just Smoke) which morphed into Nessian with a puppy we have Cassian fussing over an injured Nesta which is everything you’d want it to be and more. So go read Sinking Ships, which is named after an amazing Nessian song by Seafret, my new favorite band.

Nessian Forever.

PS: Please know the line “But my insults are so clever” was inspired by me


Nessian Fic Part 2

So a few days ago I mentioned the absolutely heart warming fan fiction about my favorite ACOMAF babies, Nessian. Now a part two has been added and if you never considered Nessian with a fur baby then you don’t know what your’e missing. So go read “I Saw a Flicker then Just Smoke” by starswholisten. Unlike the first one that had me crying like a baby, this one had me smiling like an idiot the whole way through. Again yes, this was written for me and is adorable, and well written with another clever Mumford and Sons title.

Just go read it if you love Nessian because it will get you right in the feels  ❤




The Greatest Nessian Fic of all Times

So since reading ACOMAF I have spiraled into a constant state of longing for the next book (see The Greatest Book Hangover Ever or perhaps When Fan Art is Life Changing). So it should come as no surprise that quality ACOMAF fanfic has been the lifeblood that keeps me going until ACOTAR 3 comes out. Now some are great, and some are eh but I feel the need to give special mention to this story for a few reasons.

Reason #1: Nessian is life. I love Cassian. The strong, funny comic relief male who will also do anything to protect those he loves is my kryptonite. I am always incredibly drawn to that character so it should be no surprise that while all the new characters introduced in ACOMAF were amazing (inner circle squad goals) Cassian is by far and above my favorite. Then of course we have Nesta. She is a little more controversial because we see in the first book how she does nothing while the family is suffering. But then in that first book (spoilers ahead) we see she’s the only one who goes after Feyre and then in this book she is fiercely protective of Elaine. I love her. Her spitfire nature and comment. The way she teases Cassian. Her no nonsense attitude. So they are my ultimate OTP now.

Reason #2: This fic was written for me. I asked my friend starswholisten to write this for me. I think she understands the characters enough to portray them correctly. So she wrote this specifically for me and I love her for it because this made me cry like a child. I do not cry easily with book. I did not cry once during ACOMAF but this made me tear up.

Reason #3: I need this to happen. I don’t mean this exact scene (though I’d imagine it’s how it would probably go down) but I want the spinoff Sarah mentioned releasing to be Nessian. A) it would mean they survive ACOTAR 3 (a thought of who isn’t going to make it plagues me constantly) and B) I need to see more of my precious children.

Reason #4: The title is a Mumford and Sons song, particularly one of my Favorite Mumford and Sons songs. Now like I said I know the author and she knows my deep love for Mumford so it’s just one more reason I love this fic.

So go read Roll Your Stone Away by starswholisten on AO3. It’s beautiful and its Nessian.

But just be prepared for what’s going to happen to you after you read it…


…because Nessian ❤

Thanks for reading