All Dogs Matter: Montreal Update


Exciting news last week out of Montreal on the Pitbull ban! (Read about it HERE). It has been suspended indefinitely until the SPCA is able to present their law suit against the city. This will give the SPCA to hopefully find homes outside of Montreal for their animals that would have just been put down had the ban gone into effect. It will also give the SPCA time to mount a sufficient case and defend Pitbulls, who are in need of an advocate right now.

While there are still many in favor of the ban in the Montreal government, it’s nice to see that the judge who overturned the ban is willing to hear the other side’s opinion. Especially since news that the dog who killed the woman that brought about the need for the law was found to be registered as a boxer, and not a pitbull at all.

All in all, I’m just glad to see some people coming to their senses that an all out ban of a breed is not a good idea and am glad to see people willing to come to the aid of these animals when no one else will.



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