DIY Polka Dot Jewelry Tray


So this is really a very simple craft and pretty inexpensive. I was able to pick up the white plates (1 small and 1 large) at Target for just a few dollars each. I also got the candle stick at target where it was on sale for $3. The gold paint is less than a dollar at Michael’s and the little dotting sponge I used came in a set of paint brushes from Michael’s that only cost $3. You will need:

  • Large white plate
  • Smaller white plate
  • Gold acrylic paint
  • Dot sponge paint brush
  • Candle stick
  • Hot glue gun

So let’s start! The first step is to paint you’re candle sticks. Since mine started black I did a coat of white first so the gold paint would show up better. Also just a quick note: the paint really doesn’t have to be gold at all; you could use any color. But after the white dries just go ahead and paint the candle stick all over.

After that just use you’re dotting sponge to put gold (or whatever color) dots all over both plates. Do them on the bottom of the top plate, but you do not need to do them on the bottom of the big one. Also another note, if you’d prefer you can use a bowl for the top if you’d rather be able to just throw things in it.



Once you have all the dots on, let everything dry completely. You don’t want any smudges. Then all that’s left is to assemble it. All you have to do is hot glue the bottom of the candle stick to the big plate, and the top to the bottom of the small plate.You now have an adorable holder to put perfume, jewelry, nail polish, whatever on!

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