So I have scrolled past this website a few times on Pinterest and Facebook before but today I finally decided to stop and take a look and needless to say I was impressed. My next birthday list definitely includes the pillows that says “I sleep with dogs”. This organization has tons of cute pooch related merch and every single item on their website provides meals for shelter dogs.

Now I don’t know how much you care or know about shelter dogs but the fact that they exist is just wrong. There should be no breeding allowed when there are dogs in shelters because dogs are a product of human creation. We made dogs, and we engineered every single breed, even though it’s resulted in dogs being plagued by diseases, and that means they are our responsibility. But instead pet stores keep selling puppies, we keep breeding unhealthy animals and we let millions of dogs get put down every year. So if you want to make even the slightest difference then check out this website.

I’m not saying that purebreds are bad. I am saying buying from a breeder is bad. Don’t shop. Adopt. I have 2 rescues and they are both the sweetest, best behaved dogs I could ever ask for. One is from the Mutt Hutt because her purebred mother got out and the owner did not want mutt puppies. She is unbelievably intelligent, a great guard dog, affectionate and going on 12 years old. The other is a rescue from the streets of Tennessee. He is the biggest cuddle bug I’ve ever met. He would be content to sit on your lap all day and is happy as long as someone is in his vicinity.

So check out this website. I provided 22 meals today buying the memorial bracelet to honor a dog I lost and to help those who still need homes.



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