Big Little Week: Man Crush Monday

So like I said in my last post (found here) about the subject, it is big little week!!!! So today  I went about my day. I went to 2 classes, a  meeting and physics lab (ya, ew) and was finally able to come home and boy was I blown away when I did.

It was raining men! Fictional Men! There were red streamers on the door and a big poster that said Man Crush Monday on it with a little cut out Jamie Fraser there to greet me. When I opened the door there were white rose petals leading from the doorway to the bed which was covered in balloons and various other goodies. I had cookies and brownies, a giant painted letter M (green of course) and a cute painted picture frame. There was the official Outlander adult coloring book (swoon) and a little Jamie Fraser Pop Figure (double swoon)! I mean look at these faces? How could I not faint when all of them are in my room at once?

But anyways…(gets distracted by attractive faces)…there were red streamers hanging from the ceiling and a cardboard Thor was attached to one of them, hanging over my bed like a guardian angel. But the hands down most impressive pieces were the 3 picture frames with my face cropped in. There was one of me and Jon Snow hanging out North of the Wall. Another of me and Jamie Fraser on horseback together and finally one of me and Bellamy Blake strolling through the woods together. I was struggling to go on at this point. I just had to keep in mind:


But then finally the piece de resistance is the mug. And it got me good. On it it says “Today I’m Mrs. ________” and includes a checklist of men including the following options:

  • Fraser
  • Blake
  • Snow
  • Stark
  • Whitethorn
  • Greenleaf
  • Winchester
  • Holmes

And with that I died. I am dead.


My fabulous new little has killed me with feels and I am so overwhelmed with how well she knows me and everything I love. Just take a look at the beautiful photos and see for yourself how amazing it is and I can’t wait for tomorrow!




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