New Laptop Stickers!

It’s out with the old and in with the new! I love laptop stickers and I loved my old case, but it was cracked, dirty and old so it was time to replace it. Now unfortunately that meant losing some old stickers that were not the reusable sort, but it also meant spending lots of time on Red Bubble picking out fabulous new stickers! And this time I went for full fandom immersion: 2 from ACOMAF , 2 for Throne of Glass, 2 for The 100, 1 old Game of Thrones, 1 LoTR, 1 Sherlock, 1 Outlander, and 2 about reading and one that literally labels me as “fangirl trash”.  There are a few non nerdy ones too. A dunkin donuts cup (of course), A “massachusetts made” sticker (obvi) and my good old Boston Strong sticker, plus one for my college and one that says “Mutts Rule”.  I’d say I’m pretty happy every time I look at it now. But I had so many great new stickers that the hardest part was painstakingly pouring over the possible layouts to fit as many as possible.

It was also very hard for me to find a nice green case. I wanted a darker, opaque hunter green case but apparently those don’t exist. The first one I ordered was supposed to be mint green but it was literally the same teal blue I had before so I went with a super neon green one instead. It’s not exactly what  wanted but I like it.





I’m just so happy with it!

Thanks for Reading


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