Disney Book Tag

So I saw this and thought it looked great plus who doesn’t love disney? So without further delay the Disney Book Tag:

The Little Mermaid – A Character Who is a Fish Out of Water

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (shocker I would mention this I know) but Cather is such a fish out of water in college. She won’t even go to the dining hall for the first few months just because she feels so awkward and while her nerves are totally relatable she’s such a fish on land. fangirl-rainbow-rowell-cover-677x1024

Snow White – Book with Eclectic Cast of Characters

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo. I love the rag tag team that makes up the heist squad in this book. They’re all so different and are not friends, but they work together so well to try and pull off the ultimate heist, all while thinking of ways to double cross each other the entire way for different reasons. They come from all different parts of this diverse world and we have all the good parts of a heist. The brains, thief, shooter, demolition expert, soldier and…witch? Sorceress? Anyways they’re a nice eclectic bunch and make this book a great read.


Sleeping Beauty – A Book that puts you to Sleep

The Life of Pi. A book I was forced to read for summer reading and despite so many people’s rave reviews I just could not get into it. Plus I was so mad at the end (if you read it you know why).


The Lion King – A Character who had Something Traumatic happen in Childhood

I feel like every YA book ever fits this category. So I’m going to go with a favorite book I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned. The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. Poor Ruby is put in a “camp” (prison?) when she’s just a little kid and has to find a way to escape because she’s been hiding the fact of how dangerous she really is and now they know. The trauma of this (plus the trauma of what happens that lands her in the camp) shapes her for the rest of the series.


Beauty and The Beast – A Beast of a Book on the outside but Beautiful

This would have to be Outlander for me. I watched the first half of season 1 before reading it but HAD to know what happened next. Of course I was unaware it was a 700+ page book so picking it up was a little intimidating but it’s so amazing and worth it once you get going.


Hercules – Book that Inspired You

The Book Thief. I had to read this for summer reading in high school and absolutely loved it. It made me cry and was honesty the best summer reading book I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading.


Mulan – Your Favorite Character Pretending to be Something They’re Not

Throne of Glass by Sarah J Maas (I know another big shocker from me). In the first book Celaena is pretending to be Lillian for the sake of appearances but if you’re a little further along in the series you catch my double meaning with this [SPOILERS STOP HERE] *cough cough Aelin if you know what I mean??*


Up – A Book that Based on the Cover and Title you have no Idea what it’s about

Beautiful Creatures. I picked this book up in 8th or 9th grade from the bookstore just because I wanted something to read and I really loved it. It was probably one of the first books I had picked up in a while that I really dove head first into and one of the first series I was waiting for the next book to come out down to the day, even if it didn’t end as great as it started.


Frozen – Pair of Book Siblings You Love

Jude and Noah from I’ll Give You the Sun. The entire book is just about their relationship as siblings and twins while everything else in their life is changing and how they’re the only people they really need to make things right with no matter what. I love this book and them as characters.

Maleficent – A Book Villain you Love to Hate

There are so many good villains out there. But one of my favorite villains (probably because I never though of him as a villain and was rooting for him to get the girl the entire time) was the Darkling from Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha Trilogy. Now I had such high hopes for this series. I loved the first half of the first book, while the training with the Darkling was going on. And then it all went down hill from there since I was not team Mal. And the not course I hated the ending because it had one of my biggest book pet peeves (Spoilers ahead **I hate when people in books either forget what happens or lose their abilities, powers whatever**). But I did love the Darkling and just could not hate him


And that is the Disney Book Tag. I tag anyone and everyone who would like to do this.

Thanks for Reading


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