The Olympics Books Tag

So the olympics are over, summer is over and it’s time to go back to school. But it was fun. This year the olympics were full of lots of amazing moments. The Final 5 killing gymnastics Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky annihilating the competition in the pool, volleyball, track, equestrian all of it really is always so fun to watch. I feel like you either LOVE the olympics or you don’t really care that much and I am definitely a lover.

But what better way to say goodbye to the olympics for another 4 years (only 2 until winter!) than with a book tag. Shout out to Niraja @ Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them since that’s where I saw this first and couldn’t resist so without further delay, the Olympics Book Tag.

  1. 100M – A Book You Have Raced Through

That would be I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson. Once I got into this book I could not put it down. Even though I was working I still finished this in less than 2 days. It’s told from 2 POVs, a brother and a sister, Noah and Jude and they’re telling you about the same story but Noah is telling you about when they’re 13 and Jude when they’re 16 and a lot has changed in that time so you’re not totally sure what’s happened and the only way to finally put all the pieces of their story together is to finish it.


2. Synchronized Diving – The Perfect Couple

That’s not easy. There are a few that I LOVE. Percy and Annabeth from Percy Jackson is alway a favorite. (warning spoilers for Throne of Glass and ACOTAR ahead) But I can’t not mention Aelin and Rowan from the Throne of Glass series and of course Feyre and Rhys.

3. Michael Phelps – The Best Book You’ve Ever Read

Well I’m not really sure how I’m supposed to choose that going all the way back to my childhood. I’m going to throw it WAY back to one of the earliest fantasy books I ever fell in love with, plus one of the first gigantic books I tackled on my own, The Cry of the Icemark by Stuart Hill. I don’t know what it was but I LOVED this book. I got it for free when I was in elementary school and I thought it was amazing. This was definitely the first 474 page book I read by myself in 4th or 5th grade. It’s about a princess, but she’s a warrior, tough as nails and war has come to her kingdom. Now she has to step up, become queen and win this epic battle, all while gathering allies from the neighboring vampires, giant snow tigers, werewolves etc. Like I said high fantasy.


4. Simone Biles – A Short and Sweet Book

I’m not exactly sure what qualifies as “short” and I can’t exactly think of anything so I’m going to do a short story I’m excited to read because I bet it will be sweet. Incase you didn’t hear, for national booklovers day Rainbow Rowell released a short story called Kindred Spirits. It’s about a girl who loves Star Wars so I can relate and I’m sure it will be a great story so I’ll go with this. That is how much confidence I have in Rowell’s writing.


5. Rugby 7s – A Tough Book You Struggled to Finish

Ok so I’ve mentioned this a lot recently but it’s The Raven Boys series, again. Particularly the last book, The Raven King is where the story really dragged for me but after the first book I feel like I spent the rest waiting for the plot to get better and go somewhere to match the awesome characters, who are the reason I struggled through until the end instead of just giving up on it.


6. Golf – A New Genera Outside of your Comfort Zone

I have been reading way more contemporary books thanks to Rainbow Rowell lately. Normally I’m more of a fantasy person, or fantasy in realistic fiction but not big on the contemporary stuff. But like I said Rainbow Rowell is a new favorite author of mine which has led me to read I’ll Give You the Sun, and pick up a few others.

7. Decathlon – The Best Series

Ok since neither of her series are over yet, I cannot make a conclusive decision on which one I like better, but it’s a Sarah J. Maas Series. Right now I’ll say it’s Throne of Glass just because that has more books out and I’m all hype for Empire of Storms right now, but ACOTAR is so amazing and ACOMAF has been all I can think about this entire summer so it’s really a toss up until both series end (not gonna cry).




I shall tag EmiesNook but also anyone else who wants to do this.

Thanks For Reading!


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