When Fan Art is Life Changing

So if you read my post about the biggest book hangover I’ve ever  then you know I am still struggling with the “Post ACOMAF Feels”. Now what’s not helping is the fact that A) 2 of my best friends are also obsessed with it so the 3 of us talk about it constantly and B) my pinterest is a myriad of ACOMAF fan art. And let me tell you, I have never wished I could draw so badly because this fan art is so unbelievably beautiful.

So to further get across the “feels” I am constantly drowning in, please enjoy some of my favorite ACOMAF fan art pieces *note some contain spoilers for ACOMAF*

I know…beautiful. My biggest pet peeve with a lot of them is that they give Feyre very blonde hair where she is always described as having somewhere between dark blonde and light brown (which I appreciate because that is my hair color and every female in fiction ever has perfect light blonde hair, flaming red hair, chestnut curls, or sleek black hair, never a “sort of hard to explain mix”color).

And then here is a sketch I love of the inner circle because I have a hard time finding art with Cassian and Azriel the way I picture them and I love this one.


So ya, that’s more feels from me because yes SJM has killed me and I am dying until Empire of Storms comes out *17 days* and will then be dying all over again until May when ACOTAR 3 comes out.

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